fredag 9 april 2010

About Composing!

Hello to you, all potential future readers of this blog.

This is my blog about composing. I am a studying musician and composer from Stockholm, Sweden, and I came up with this idea over a period of time. I started to think about how crowded my mind could get about all the music that I write, and how it would be great to have a log or journal with all my ideas and progress. Then I thought that it could be a fun idea for a blog, and here we are.

Most of my music is instrumental. I have recently started working on material for an album a friend and I plan on recording for fun, and I think that might be a fun way to start off this blog.

I've already composed several pieces and I am working on more, but I think I'll start by posting a little snippet of one of the songs and writing a little bit about it.

Please realize that all previews of work posted here are 100 % copyrighted to me and can't be used by anyone else!